“Few hip hop albums possess such across the board ambition while nonetheless remaining tethered to the realities and struggles of everyday life.” – Michael Rand (MobAngeles.com)

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Coming off the heels of his life completely self-destructing, NSJ is a felt plunge into the psychological depths of a man wrestling with his demons and seeking the redemption he needs to heal. As the reviewer above put it –

“AQ makes no bones about the fact this is a personal release and the stakes are quite high – the act of The Night Sea Journey’s creation is an effort directed towards healing rather than just entertainment. It is a chronicle of five years worth of what AQ calls his “conscious depression” and documenting it for listeners in such a way testifies not only to his artistry but his courage as well.”

His dream life initiated this descent to his annihilation and then supplied the inspiration for 8 out of the 10 tracks to help him resurrect his creative and personal lives. The Night Sea Journey is an ode to the Hero’s Journey of facing oneself, dying to oneself, and resurrecting oneself.

“The album’s themes of painful rebirth and reckoning with past mistakes step to the fore… and pack a wallop for attentive listeners.” – John McCall (TooMuchLoveMagazine.com)

NSJ showcases AQ’s lyrical mastery with his mythic storytelling to his raw and vulnerable truth bombs to his romantic odes. He produces all his own beats that feature classic 90’s east coast back beats with haunting and moving chordal structuring. NSJ is a must have for the alt-conscious hip hop lover!

“This is an album constructed with an ear turned towards posterity and it wouldn’t work as well as it does if Aquarius didn’t have the talent to pull it off.” – Mindy McCall (IndiePulseMusic.com)

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