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The Baby of a Dead Musician – Dreams of Rebirth

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Dream 5/2016 Claire from “Lost” entered (Anima). She had just given birth and brought her child to me for the first time. She put him in my arms and I bawled so hard! I mean like harder than I’ve cried in a long time. It was super emotional for me. It was like I knew […]

How Hip-Hop Has Saved My Life…Twice

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Cliche as it may be – it’s true. Though I guess listening to hip-hop may not have saved my life, but writing it surely has. Twice. It’s amazing how powerful creative self-expression is for emotional healing. I began writing hip hop in 8th grade (’99) and upon entering high school I would find myself using […]

The Origin Story of AQ

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The year is 1999. I’m 13… and seriously have no idea what is about to erupt within me. Yet, one of the most significant moments of my life is about to occur. I was sitting in our generic music class in 8th grade when our teacher opens the class by asking the simple question – […]