What others are saying about AQ the DreamWalker!

“AQ grapples with themes far outside the purview of mainstream rap…and is a major artist growing with each new release. ” – Michael Rand (MobAngeles.com)
“…It’s quite clear to listeners, especially newcomers to AQ’s music, that fierce intelligence and a willingness to look within are hallmarks of his writing.” – John McCall (TooMuchLoveMagazine.com)
“[AQ] has discovered his true calling as a songwriter and performing artist; the clarion call of his muse proved impossible to ignore…He has considerable verbal talents without ever risking losing listeners along the way and bobs and weaves through the hip hop passages like a relaxed boxer in complete command. Mindy M (Indiepulsemusic.com)


AQ the DreamWalker has begun allowing his dream life to supply all the inspiration for his music and albums and they are creating through him a depth and vulnerability that few hip hop artists have dared to venture into. As fellow local Minneapolis rapper Munny (of the SunDogs) said, “They’re real 100% of the time.” Full of often painful, yet redeeming truth, his lyrics are as alluring, stirring, and honest as the dreams that inspire them.

If you are a fan of alt-conscious hip hop with a 90’s east coast vibe, a lover of concept albums and lyrics that hit you right in the chest and give you all the feels – then AQ the DreamWalker is the musician you’ve been waiting to discover!

For a limited time, AQ is giving away 3 tracks from his latest album, The Night Sea Journey, FREE. Just enter your name and email address into the form and you will be immediately delivered the link to download them!

So enter your info, find your best headphones and a quiet spot to let this music offer you its healing. Thank you truly for your time and support!